биография/ Resume


                      Exhibitions, Awards, Collections




"Fourth National Photography Salon Varna", Bulgaria, group exhibit

"Picture Of The Year- Bulgaria 2007", National Art Gallery, Bulgaria, group exhibit


"Picture Of The Year- Bulgaria 2007", National Art Gallery, Bulgaria, group exhibit  

 "Nude", Art Gallery Paris, Sofia, Bulgaria, group  exhibit

Biennale Phodar'07-"Identities", Pleven, Bulgaria

"Lumix Awards", art gallery "Bulgaria", Sofia, Bulgaria, group exhibit

ArtsGarden, Dowtown, Indianapolis, USA, group exhibit


First Bulgarian Nude Photography Salon  "EROS 2008', group exhibit

International Meeting of Photography, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Art Gallery "Boviel", Solo exhibit


X-power gallery,Los Angelis,USA , group exhibit

"Finding Beauty in a Broken World:In the Spirit of Frida Kahlo"Smith Farm Gallery, Washington DC, group exhibit

The Circle of Fine Arts,Madrid , Spain,group exhibit

Art gallery«На Солянке», Moscow, Russia, group exhibit


Meyer Fine Art Gallery,Virginia, Norfolk, USA,"Exposed", group exhibit

Betty Dare fine Art gallery, Chicago IL, USA, "Define: Art", group exhibit


Art Gallery Paris, Sofia, Bulgaria "Christmas Smile", group exhibit


Art Gallery Paris, Sofia,Bulgaria ;"Other Reality", Christian Georgiev &Tanya Gramatikova
Month of Photography Event

Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary "Inscape", second solo exhibit

"Gallery Plovdiv", Plovdiv, Bulgaria,"Wonderland", third solo exhibit


Art Gallery "George Papazov","Inscape", fourth solo exhibit

Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany- "Inscape", fourth solo exhibit




Serbin Communications, 27th Annual Photography Contest
-1st Prize colour photography & honorable mention


International Color Awards- Photography Masters Cup
Nominee in People category .
Publication in Masters of Color Photography Series, Vol.1

Trierenberg Super Circuit,
Gold medal in portrait category,
publication in "6th Special themes" album and "11th Super Circuit" album

Serbin Communications 28th Annual  Photography Contest
- fourth prize, colour photography

 "Picture Of The Year - Bulgaria 2007",National Art Gallery,Bulgaria
  First prize,Fine Art category

Serbin Communications ,28th Annual Spring Photography Contest
- third prize, colour photography

Prix De la Photographie,Paris
Honourable mention


First Bulgarian Nude photography Saloon  "EROS 2008'
Third Prize

Concours Photo 2008
First  Prize Portrait category:

Prix de la photographie Paris
Third  Prize,Nude category

Sixth National and second international FIAP salon Varna,Bulgaria
First Prize,Golden  FIAP Medal, experimental photography:


Smith Farm Gallery,Washington DC
"Finding Beauty in a Broken World:In the Spirit of Frida Kahlo"
First Prize

The World Photography Gala Awards
Third Prize, fine art category

2009 Photosight Russian Awards
Third Prize People category


International Photography Awards
finalist, portrait & manipulation category 

Photographer's forum/ http://pfmagazine.com/
Honourable mention


 Art Your Soul/www.artyoursoul.fr/, Concours foto:"Brisé"
First prize


My work is а part of the photography fund of National Art Gallery, Bulgaria
Works in private collections in France, USA, Russia, Bulgaria, Portugal




Serbin Communications 2006
Първо място, цветна фотография 




International Color Awards - Photography Masters Cup 2007
Номинация, категория People
Публикация в Masters of Color Photography Series, Vol.1

Trierenberg Super Circuit 2007
Златен медал, категория „Портрет”
Публикация в албумите "6th Special themes” и "11th Super Circuit"


Serbin Communications 2007
Четвърто място, цветна фотография

 "Снимка на годината – България 2007", Национална художествена галерия, България
Първо място, раздел „Художествена фотография”



Prix de la photographie,Paris 2008 /www.px3.fr/
Поощрение, категория „Портрет”

Шести национален и Втори международен FIAP салон - Варна, България, 2008
Първа място, златен FIAP медал, експериментална фотография

Concours Photo 2008 /www.photo.fr/
Първо място, категория „Портрет”

Prix de la photographie Paris 2008
Трето място, категория „Голо тяло”



Smith Farm Gallery,Washington DC   2009
"Finding Beauty in a Broken World: In the Spirit of Frida Kahlo"
Първо място

The World Photography Gala Awards 2009
Трето място, категория „Художествена фотография”

2009 Photosight Russian Awards
Трето място, категория  "Хора"



International Photography Awards
финалист, категория портрет

Photographer's forum/ http://pfmagazine.com/


 Art Your Soul/www.artyoursoul.fr/, Concours foto:"Brisé"
Първо място